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Writing on any essay topic can be a daunting task. Like most English compositions, an essay has a beginning, middle and an end. It is the way in which most students are taught to think about essay writing, starting with the thesis statement and then building an argument for or against the statement. Let’s face facts, not all students are born writers and struggle with the idea of writing an essay and possibly even fear the idea. Where does one begin, especially with the task of writing an Economics essay?

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In this day and age of telecommunications technology, email and the Internet, the most popular and accepted place to start research, one would think, would be online. Use discretion here and follow the professor’s guidelines. Sometimes Internet sources, even the most up to date are misleading and counterfeit. For the subject of Economics, especially with a global, multi-national point of view, it is best to start with a reputable magazine called . Here one will find the highest quality of information on the current event of the American Bailout.

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A lot times, people want to only focus on the thesis and accurately supporting the thesis. A good professor of any subject but especially business subjects should encourage steps toward original ideas and creativity. A conclusion will act to summarise the purpose of the essay and restate the thesis statement as if to remind the reader about the subject and relevance of the topic. It is important to maybe leave the reader with thought provoking ideas as well as a sense of being finished. For this purpose, this essay acted as a means to instruct one how to write an economics essay but also offered insight on how to become a better writer.

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