Huck Finn

...Start of the Huck Finn...

Satire in Huck Finn In the first few chapters of Huckleberry Finn, we can see traces of satirical elements begin to emerge from within the story. The very first satirical scene occurs after Tom plays a trick on Jim, Miss Watson’s slave.

...Middle of the Huck Finn...

Jim is once again satirized in chapter ten, where he is bitten after Huck places a dead snake near his blanket. Jim, being superstitious, chides Huck after he touches a snakeskin earlier in the story. Huck ignores this and places a dead snake at the foot of Jim’s blanket one night and Jim gets bitten in the foot by the dead snake’s mate.

...End of the Huck Finn...

Jim told me to chop off the snake’s head and throw it away, and then skin the body and roast a piece of it. By showing a superstitious African American in the novel who believes .that all these ludicrous treatments would help his recovery brings forth the element of satire in Twain’s novel.

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