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Huckleberry Finn: Analysis Conflicts: Man vs. Man -The man vs. man conflict is brought up many times throughout this story. The first that is posed is the conflict between Huckleberry and Pap. Pap is Huckleberry’s abusive biological father, and an alcoholic to boot. He first comes in and tries to steal his son’s fortune, just so he can get drunk. Huckleberry is kidnapped by his father for a short time, and during this is beaten many times. Huckleberry eventually escapes as he saws his way out of a shed with an old saw he finds. He then kills a pig to fake his own death and smears blood all over the shed so the story is more believable. Nature -The conflict between man and nature in this book are shown many times, most occurring on the Mississippi River, as Huckleberry and Jim escape many towns.

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He sees Jim as a nice, kind hearted man (which he is) and wishes to set him free. But at the same time, he has his own prejudices as in chapter twenty-three, Huck has a revelation. Watching Jim mourn because of his far away family, Huck concludes that blacks must love their families as much as whites love theirs. Man vs. Society -The society that is depicted in this novel is of a racist, closed minded, ignorant south in which slavery is still prominent, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Through society, Huck believes that whites are the superior race, and that blacks should be treated like they are, as slaves. Blacks are constantly being called “nigger” throughout this story, as Jim is called it and so is the general population of blacks. When Huck frees Jim, he sees that as wrong, because society’s values have taught him that freeing slaves is a punishable offense, so in his naïve mind, he thinks that he has done wrong. At the same time, his own beliefs, largely formed by his experiences with Jim, tell him that it is best for Jim to be free. He is constantly wondering if he is right, and that freeing Jim was actually a good thing, or if society is right, and Huck should turn Jim in.

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In their society, whites are seen as the superior race, and blacks are owned as property, and are slaves to common folk. The word “Nigger” is used multiple times in the story, as to stress their ignorance. It is illegal for blacks to get a proper education, so in no way could they ever rise up, and seemingly be forever oppressed. This is shown as Jim is constantly himself being called a nigger, and Huck is no exception, yet his views seem to change about other races in this story. -Ignorance is also highly satirized, in other cases as with the feud between the Grangerfords and the Sheppardsons, but no one can remember the cause of the feud or see any real reason to continue it. When Sophia runs off with a Shepardson, the feud reignites, and Buck and another boy are shot. The satire comes into lay with this because of the obvious stupidity brought in question. But the satirzation lies in the church, where the preacher has sermons preaching “brotherly love”.

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