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Mark Twain depicts various types of humor in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Satire is the first type of humor evident in the novel. Religion is the most common example of Twain’s satire, which he communicates through the character Huck Finn.

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This is an example of parody because Tom Sawyer bases his life and actions on adventure novels and in this case created an oath out of them. A third type of humor that Twain employs is burlesque, specifically through caricature. This can be seen through the description of Huck’s father.

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Pap hid the key under his pillow so that Huck would not escape. In a later scene, Pap chases Huck around the house with a gun. Although in modern society these scenes would be considered dark and dangerous, in Twain’s day it was thought to be a farce due to Pap’s physical use of humor.

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