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Good writers are able to express complex ideas with style, clarity, and accuracy. When they articulate ideas which we ourselves, as writers, have struggled with, they gain our appreciation, respect, and even admiration. We often wonder how and whether they can teach us how to do it. Many writers have tried to teach the principles of good writing and have even explained their methods, but this merely cannot teach their students how to write, or else by now we would all be excellent writers. Most teachers of writing, and all good writers, agree that there are two things that cannot avoided in learning to write well: reading and writing.

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The fundamental urge to express one’s self, which drives writers, must be balanced with the needs of readers. However, accounting for what the reader can be expected to understand takes much effort and experience. More importantly, it can inhibit the process of creative expression, the sheer generation of written words. This is why such lessons about clarity, style, and organization are more apt to hurt a writer when learning how to write well. They are thinking too much about rules when they need to be writing.

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Writers on writing. Hanover, Middlebury College Press, University Press of New England. TOLLE, E. (1999). The power of now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment. Novato, Calif, New World Library.

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