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Understanding Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and their relationship; and examine their importance; b. Investigating different perspectives of business ethics theories; c. Understanding the roles of corporate culture and corporate leadership in business ethics; d. Understanding the concepts of ethics in the working place; e. Applying an ethical framework to business fields: Marketing, Corporate Governance, Accounting, and Finance; f. Describing business environment responsibilities. 2) Course Textbook(s)/ Resources: a) Main books: . Laura Hartman and Joseph DesJardins, Business Ethics: Decision-Making for Personal Integrity and Social Responsibility, McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2nd edition, 2010.

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6) Soft skills and personal development throughout the course a) Exercise skills: followed by skills obtained through Discussion performance. b) Team work skills: Group assignment is exercised in form of DISCUSSION 1. GROUPS FOR EXERCISE AND REQUIREMENTS OF ROLES Each exercise will be in form of a Discussion. The class divided into 08 groups (G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6,G7, and G8 respectively) by Instructor to hold a game of “Ethical CEOs” through 12 exercises of tutorials. Each Group will carry out 03 exercises with “Discussion” role in below fixed order.

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Evaluation of Individual Assignment: (Total: 15%) . Lack of manager interview part will be only given up to 5% for individual assignment credit at maximum. A deduction of 5% of the total score of the assignment will be applied for each day of late submission (for both Register and Final Report) Any plagiarism more than 30% will be resulted in a failure of assignment e) Content for personal development f) Final examination (FE): 30% 1. Total weight: 30% 3. Structure: (total: 60’) Multiple choice: 20 questions (25′) Essay and case: 01 essay (short answer/ case) (35′) 7) Assessment Scheme: Quizzes (3): 15% Exercises (12): 30% .

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