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Indian cinema, in the broad sense, brings together film productions made in India or considered to be Indian for various reasons. It has gained immense popularity in the country and produces in various Indian languages ​​nearly 1600 films every year. Over the course of its history, starting in the 20th century, followed by Hollywood and Chinese film industries, Indian cinema has grown into a global enterprise and is considered the most prolific industry in the world, . The Indian film industry is the third largest television market on the planet. Films from India are shown in nearly 90 countries, and is sometimes presented as a potential competitor for American cinema.

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The films were produced mainly by Tamil producers until 1947, when the first major film studio, Udaya Studio, was established in Kerala. In 1954, the film Neelakkuyil captured the national interest by winning the President's Silver Medal. Written by the famous novelist, Uroob, and directed by P. Bhaskaran and Ramu Kariat, it is often considered the first authentic Malayalam film. Newspaper Boy, was the first neo-realistic film, made by a group of students in 1955. Chemmeen (1965) by Ramu Kariat, based on a story written by Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai, became immensely popular and became the first film South Indian for winning Best Picture at the National Film Awards.

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(1988) and Lagaan (2001) were nominated for the Oscar for best foreign language film. In the UK, the films Devdas (2002) and Rang De Basanti (2005) were nominated for the British Academy Film Awards for the best foreign language film. The American company Netflix has also made its debut in India and is launching its first television series, The Lord of Bombay. Several institutes, both run by the government and in the private circle, offer formal education in various aspects of Indian film production. Some of the most prominent include: .

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