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Indian literature, writings of the Indian subcontinent, produced there in a variety of languages, including Sanskrit, Prakrit, Pali, Bengali, Bihari, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, and Sindhi. A brief treatment of Indian literature follows. For full treatment, see South Asian Arts: Literature. The earliest Indian literature took the form of the canonical Hindu sacred writings, known as the Veda, which were written in Sanskrit. To the Veda were added prose commentaries such as the Brahma? as and the Upani? The production of Sanskrit literature extended from about 1400 bc to ad 1200 and reached its height of development in the 1st to 7th centuries ad. In addition to sacred and philosophical writings, such genres as erotic and devotional lyrics, court poetry, plays, and narrative folktales emerged.

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19 Tamil literature * 2. 20 Telugu literature * 2. 21 Urdu literature * 3 Indian literature in foreign languages * 3. 1 Indian Persian literature * 3. 2 Literature from North East India * 4 Journalism in India * 4. 1 Journalism During the Emergency Period * 5 Awards * 6 See also * 7 Footnotes * 8 External links ————————————————- Indian literature in archaic Indian languages[edit source | editbeta] History of literature by region or country| General topics| . * * Basic topics * Literary terms * * Criticism * TheoryTypes * * Epic * Novel * Poetry * * Prose * RomanceLists * * Books * Authors| Middle-Eastern| * * Ancient * Sumerian * * Babylonian * Ancient Egyptian * * Hebrew * Pahlavi * Persian * * Arabic * Israeli| European| * * Greek * Latin * Early Medieval * (Matter of Rome * Matter of FranceMatter of Britain) * * Medieval * RenaissanceModern * * Structuralism * Poststructuralism * Deconstruction * * Modernism * Postmodernism * * Post-colonialism * Hypertexts| North and South American| .

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See also: Medieval Kannada literature and Kannada poetry Kashmiri literature[edit source | editbeta]. Main article: Kashmiri literature Malayalam literature[edit source | editbeta] Main article: Malayalam literature Even up to 500 years since the start of the Malayalam calendar which commenced in 825 AD, Malayalam literature remained in preliminary stage. During this time, Malayalam literature consisted mainly of various genres of songs. Ramacharitham written by Cheeramakavi is a collection of poems written at the end of preliminary stage in Malayalam literature’s evolution, and is the oldest Malayalam book available. Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan (17th century) is considered as the Father of the Malayalam language, because of his influence on the acceptance of the Malayalam alphabet and his extremely popular poetic works like Adhyathmaramayanam. Several noted works were written during the 19th century, but it was in the 20th century the Malayalam literary movement came to prominence. Malayalam literature flourished under various genres and today it is a fully developed part of Indian literature. Manipuri literature[edit source | editbeta] Main article: Manipuri literature.

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Indian Literature Essay

Indian Literature, literature in the languages of India, as well as those of Pakistan.Most important of all for later Indian literature were the first traces in the vernacular languages of the northern Indian cults of Krishna and of Rama.INDIAN LITERATURE OF THE MIDDLE PERIOD .During the last 150 years many writers have contributed to the development of modern Indian literature, writing in any of 15 major languages (including, of course, English).The first true works of literature in most of the main indigenous Indian languages tend to date from about 1200.

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Callā Rādhākr̥ṣṇaśarma, Landmarks in Telugu Literature: A Short Survey of Telugu Literature (1975).Uwe Gustafsson, An Adiwasi Oriya–Telugu–English dictionary, Central Institute of Indian Languages Dictionary Series, 6.^ The Hindu : Andhra Pradesh News : Telugu is 2,400 years old, says ASI “The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has joined the Andhra Pradesh Official Languages Commission to say that early forms of the Telugu language and its script indeed existed 2,400 years ago” ^ Indian Epigraphy and South Indian Scripts, C. S. Murthy, 1952, Bulletins of the Madras Government Museum, New Series IV, General Section, Vol III, No.Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature.List of Indian languages by total speakers .

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