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By Charlotte Brontë . Chapter Summaries . Chapter I- We learn that Jane Eyre is an orphan who lives with her cruel aunt Mrs.Reed. A bully John throws a book at Jane Eyre and her suppressed anger from over the years explodes in a rage attacking the bully. Chapter II-Jane gets locked in the red room where Mr.Reeds’ brother died.

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Mr.Rochester adores Janes stubborness and her independence. Chapter XXV-This chapter is the night before the wedding and Jane is so shocked shes going to be Mrs.Rochester she cannot go to sleep. Jane sees a dark long haired complextion in her closet the women pops out and Jane faints she thinks it was Grace Poole. Chapter XXVI-The day of the wedding comes but it cannot be carried out, because we find out Mr.Rochester is already married to Mr.Masons sister. Chapter XVII-Jane knows she must leave Thornfields know but still does not want to leave the company of Mr.Rochester Jane forgives him.

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Desolation-a : to deprive of inhabitants b : to lay waste . This place is full of desolation. It’s a very Morbid situation. Morbid-abnormally susceptible to or characterized by gloomy or unwholesome feelings . it’s a morbid situation.

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