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Gujarat is a state of India, geographically situated in the western tip of India and surrounded by Arabian Sea coastline. This is the only state that has longest coastline. Pakistan to the north-west borders, Arabian Sea to the southwest, Rajasthan state to the northeast and Madhya Pradesh state to the East. People of the state and the local language are known as Gujarati. The state has some of largest businesses of the India such as diamond, cement, denim cloth manufacturing, grassroots oil refining, agriculture etc. World’s largest ship braking yard at Alang existed in the Gujarat near Bhavnagar district. Major cities of the state Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda (Vadodara), Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar are playing main roles to grow the economy rates and increasing name and fame for the various businesses in the world. Gujarat state has various factors to attract foreigner as well as national and local tourists.

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.. Gujarat has world-class history and heritage, in previous time, Gujarat was ruled by many kings, they left something as memorable which is known as golden heritage. This historical heritage attracts not only to the national tourists but also tourists from different countries as well. Some of them are world famous tourist’s places such as Lothal – an ancient port city of old age, existed near the river Sabarmati (Ahmedabad city). Dholavira – Kutch is a small village, an archaeological site, situated in Kutch district of Gujarat which is surrounded by dessert of Kutch. This is a massive site, belongs to about 5000 years old Mohenjo-Daro Harappan Civilization. Another place is Champaner (The UNESCO -listed world heritage site) this is the one of the most remarkable archaeological site of the Gujarat with Hindu temples and step wells, existed nearby Pavagadh (about 70kms from Vadodara – a metropolitan city). Rani-Ki-Vav (step well) was built in the 11th century, It was built by Queen Udyamati as a memory of her husband King Bhimdev. It has seven galleries which are laid out in east-west direction. Steps corridors and wall-borders are carved with divine glory and deep understanding.

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Various type of tourism is involved in a same place that is the awesome thing in the Gujarat. This state has been changing to the infrastructure. Latest technologies and equipment keep the state update all the time. Most admiral thing is Gujarat state remain safe while facing many natural disasters. Even there is none any major damages or harm in the history of the state. Tourism is a very big developing sector of the Gujarat state. Longest coastline attracts to the foreigners, moreover cosmopolitan cities, long river banks, colourful festivals, food with novelty but unchanged culture, speedy-easy but cheapest transportation system those are all main sources for to has success and vibrant tourism spot. That is why Gujarat is called VIBRANT GUJARAT.

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