Lord Of The Rings Leadership Style Theology Religion Essay

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Gandalf-is a transformational leader who can be a wonderful and uplifting experience. They put passion and energy into everything. They care about you and want you to succeed they also make continued efforts to motivate and rally their followers, constantly doing the rounds, listening, soothing and enthusing. The Transformational Leader seeks to infect and reinfect their followers with a high level of commitment to the vision.The extent to which a leader is transformational, is measured first, in terms of his influence on the followers (Bass, B. M,(1985), Leadership and Performance, N.Y. Free Presss). In the film Lord of the Rings (Fellowship of the Ring) Gandalf takes a risk at Balrog where he fights the dragon which is made up of fire until he kills the dragon, before he took on the mighty dragon he tells the Aragon, Gimli and legolas to go save themselves which shows that Gandalf is a brave person. Aragon has a great man theory leadership style he comes from a line of Kings. He has leadership qualities in him.That leadership is an inherent ability.

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In the movie he trains the boys in the settlement on how to become chiefs were he teaches the boys the ancient Moari fight songs and how to defend themselves as their ancestors did. Koro also uses his power on how a chief uses their power. Koro also abuses his power mostly on his granddaughter by mistreating her because he believes that girls cannot be leaders. Pai is a referent leader followers like her because she is influential with her words and is respected by the people. In referent power the leader sets an example for the people. In the movie when Pai was ill treated by Koro she was brave through such a difficult time. Pai leadership style is motivating the people as she is good with her words which shows she has charismatic power.. She knows that she is from a chiefly family and wants to lead her tribe successfully in the future . In the movie Koro believes only man can be leaders he shows he is an autocratic leader. He also shows coersive power, which is the power to withhold punishment.

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Carter is a 26 year old and is from the new generation. He is after a successful carrier, but does not have a personal life, this illustrates the failure of his marriage. He does not believe in old school thoughts of Dan Formans. Carter did not like the work but was in it for the money. This film illustrates great man theory. Great man theory sought to identify the inherited traits leaders possessed that distinguish them from people who weren’t leaders with the premise that some people are born with traits that make them natural leaders, thus Dan illustrates the qualities a leader needs according to great man theory. At the end of the film Carter realizes that Dan is the kind of leader that everyone wanted, therefore he tells him that he has learnt a lot from Dan. Dan on the other hand gets his position back Carter is able to learn what he lacks and he believes he could have never been better then Dan.

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