Man’s Existence Defined by Being and Nothing Essay

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Introduction . What makes a person alive? Should existence be defined simply by a person’s biological and physical ability to move and breathe? Is existence proven by the mere physical presence of a living person? Philosophers down the ages have advanced many theories of how human existence is defined.

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Like Hegel, Sartre also used the concepts of “Being” in terms of “ in itself”, “for others”, and “for and in itself.”  Unlike Hegel however who defined these as organizational thought processes and logic in the individual, Sartre stated these terms with definitions done to identify and qualify the subjective and objective facets of human existence. Regarded as the “Father of Existentialism,” and one of Hegel’s greatest critics, Soren Kierkegaard (Malantschuk, 2003.p.11 )was a Danish philosopher who proposed that it is an individual’s feelings such as dread and anxiety that lead to making choices that define a person’s life. Kierkegaard believed that the difference between an individual’s self-perception of being and nothingness stems from the “individuality” of a person and that includes emotions and passions. A person’s existence therefore, is brought about by his fears.

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The significance people place on certain things is also subjective. Reactions are subjective. Life is subjective. One can choose to define existence in the manner of different philosophies. However, it is important to note that these schools of thought are not rules that encompass every person’s experience of life.

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