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Scarcity of fresh water is emerging as the most critical resource issue which world is facing in recent years. The signs of a shrinking water supply can be seen worldwide. Many restaurants no longer provide a free glass of water to diners and cities restrict its use for private pools and gardens. The supply of fresh water is limited, but with the increase in population, the demand of water increases rapidly. We use water faster from our resources than it can be replaced. This paper will discuss the issues regarding fresh water supply in the future with the already shrinking resources and fast growing world population, pollution of major water resources, impact of climate changes and longer drought seasons etc. The major factor of increasing water usage is the faster growth of world’s population. Demand for water is also rising due to increase in economic activities, urbanization and people’s lifestyles.

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Water demand is also rises due to the growth of industrial usage, rising demand for household consumption and increasing use of water for irrigation to produce more food to feed rising population of world. Take United States of America as an example, while the average American in 1900 just consume 10 cubic meter of water per year for personal and household use, that figure had jumped by an average of 200 cubic meters a year. (Hinrichsen & Tacio, 2001) Most people in developing countries get their water from a public tap, community wells, rivers, lakes and rain water collected from ponds. As most of the developing countries become urban, people get their water from city water system. As we know that cities are ever growing larger and larger, their demand for water increases with the increase in population. Such growth of population puts pressure on city’s water reservoirs and most of them are unable to provide or fulfill that demand due to lack of resources. In Middle East, the amount of renewable water is declining due to increase in population. “The practice of heavily subsidizing water is costing Middle East governments dearly, both in terms of revenues and efficiency.

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