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Modern Times is the name of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's thirty-second studio album, released in August 2006. . This is Bob Dylan's third consecutive album to have received almost unanimous critical acclaim, after Time Out of Mind (1997) and Love and Theft (2001). Modern Times is also Dylan's first album to reach No.

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Rehearsals began at the end of January / beginning of February 2006, before proceeding to the recording during the month of February. Like Love and Theft, Modern Times was recorded and digitally mixed on Pro Tools. Dylan voiced his criticism of digital recording to Rolling Stone magazine: “No matter how hard you try and fight technology in a thousand ways, I don't know anyone who has recorded decent sound in the last twenty years.

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Although Dylan points to digital recording as the culprit, some believe he is on the wrong target since what he describes is mainly a problem due to the music industry's tendency to gradually increase the sound level of recordings in order to that they move to a higher level than their competitors, even if it means exceeding the standards provided by the support.

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