Multibody Dynamic Modelling Racing Car Suspension Biology Essay

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There is no one perfect suspension design, optimising any suspension system is an iterative process of constant trade-offs and compromise involving continuous trial and error methodology. In order to enhance performance in one area, it will nearly always mean sacrificing performance in another. For example, a shorter wheelbase improves cornering response, but makes for a less stable ride. Balancing these trade-offs, by tweaking the design and continuously analysing the feedback, is fundamental to successful suspension design. It would obviously be costly, in terms of finance, man hours, materials and waste, to produce and subsequently examine prototypes for the essentially infinite number of suspension configurations that could be investigated.

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However, a smaller wheelbase makes for a more agile car with better handling and a smaller turning radius. The front and rear track widths are the distances between centres of the front and rear tyres respectively. This dimension is important in cornering as it resists the overturning moment due to the inertia force at the centre of gravity, the lateral forces produced in the tyre contact patch and the lateral load transfer in cornering. A narrower track is preferred for tight, twisty circuits like those seen in Formula Student. Gaffney and Salinas (1997) explain that in order to increase rear traction during corner exit, it helps to have less roll resistance in the rear than at the front.

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The steering rack is connected to the tie rods via spherical joints. The rack is connected to the rack housing (red) with a transitional joint and to the steering shaft via revolute joint. The communicators act between the steering system and the front suspension and chassis. .. To develop the wheel model tyre data is needed from the manufacturer. Fortunately, companies like Hoosier Racing Tires provide some spring rate and deflection data fo .

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