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So, this is freedom…. That was the first thought that crossed, ironically, through my mind as I shook the empty gas-can back and forth, hearing the trickle of fuel inside slosh around the conspicuously light container. My car had glided that March morning, on empty, into a rest-stop just off the Interstate. The rest-stop was pretty much deserted, though I spotted a highway patrol car parked in on one of the slanted slots nearby. I decided that would be my best bet for getting immediate assistance.

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The first time I went cruising with only a single dollar to put in my gas-tank, I actually paid that dollar in quarters, nickels, and dimes. Up to that point I’d always envisioned gas-stations as friendly oasis that spewed forth fuel, snacks, and soda. Up to the point of paying for gas myself, I’d always thought of gasoline pretty much as I thought of water: ubiquitous and unending. After only a week of car ownership, IU started to watch the gas-needle like a hawk and I got miffed if anyone asked me for a ride somewhere without also offering to pay for gas. Not only was it a hit to my wallet, but the expense of maintaining the car was embarrassing because I simply couldn’t handle the expenses.

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Cars are actually part of a complex beureuacracy. The costs of maintaining a car are high. Mostly, cars are used to take people back and forth to work. To pay for their cars. Rather than freedom, cars usually represent responsibility.

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