My First Driving Lesson

...Start of the My First Driving Lesson ...

It was sunny, summery day when my cousin came over to accompany me to the mall for a life changing mission. I was so excited about what was about to happen that I had been dressed and ready about 2 hours before he arrived to pick me up. He was also caught up in my frenzy as I ran down the driveway when I saw his car arrive. I hollered at him not to kill the motor and I jumped into the passenger seat beside him. Within moments, we were off to the mall.

...Middle of the My First Driving Lesson ...

He told me that the first pedal to the left was the clutch pedal and that it worked in coordination with my stick shift. That was the long stick with the round head in front of the dashboard. Stepping on the clutch pedal would allow the stick to move into the various gears that would speed up or slow down the car speed accordingly. The pedal in the middle was the break and that was used to stop the car. The far right pedal was the gas pedal.

...End of the My First Driving Lesson ...

I lowered the window and waved. The instructor told him that he was welcome to sit in the back seat as he took me out onto the actual roads to begin the practical lesson. My cousin had an amazed look on his face as he got into the car. I looked up at him through the rear view mirror as he declared, “I cannot believe that they have you driving thirty minutes into your first lesson!”. I smiled and gave him a wink as I pulled out onto the main road with my driving instructor by my side for my first ever formal driving lesson.

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