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OREGON OXFORD DEBATE . Rules and Guidelines On Debate Prepared by:Ma. Martha Manette A. Madrid, Ed.D. Professor [email protected] •2. Proposition:Resolved: “That Parliamentary Form of Government Be Adopted” •3.

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Ask a short Q designed to get a short A2. Indicate the object of your Q3. Dont telegraph your argument, dontmake it too obvious.4. Dont ask Q they wont answerproperly.”So, we win, right?” . GUIDELINES FOR ASKINGQUESTIONS:5.

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Dont go for everything. Extend thosearguments that you need to win.12. Cross-apply arguments. If you dropped anargument in a prior speech that you think wasimportant dont act like your losing. Cross-applyarguments you made somewhere else in the debate toanswer it.

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