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Paperback Writer is a Beatles song, written primarily by Paul McCartney although credited to Lennon / McCartney and released as a single with Rain on the B side. The disc was released on May 30, 1966 in the United States, and on June 10 in the United States. On June 23, 1966, the song reached number one on the British charts and remained there for a week but two on the American Billboard charts. Paperback Writer is the Beatles' first single not about love. The song comes in the form of a letter that a writer sends to a publisher, hoping to get its thousand pages published.

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From a technical point of view, this song marks a turning point concerning the recording of the bass and how it will be heard from now on on the group's productions. Until then, the instrument was mixed in such a way that on the early Beatles recordings it is always difficult to distinguish the notes produced by Paul McCartney's “Höfner violin”. “Paperback Writer marks the first time the bass sound can be heard in all its dimensions,” says Geoff Emerick, who began as a sound engineer with The Beatles in mid-April 1966, at the start of the sessions. the Revolver album. “To begin with, Paul played on another bass, a Rickenbacker.

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Paperback Writer is in the American compilation of singles Hey Jude, in 1970, and now on Past Masters, the album which since 1988 compiles all the songs that are not placed on their original albums. This number 1 will also be published on the most successful albums The Beatles 1962–1966, 20 Greatest Hits, 1 and on the disc Tomorrow Never Knows, released exclusively for download on itunes. She also appears in the game The Beatles: Rock Band; the cover appearing in the game is that of the Dutch single. Here is a list of covers of the song: . Author Mark Shipper uses the song title in 1978 for his satirical biography of the Beatles career.

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