Parenting Article Comparison: ‘Putting Fathers in the Frame’ and ‘Dads Army’ Essay

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The following shall compare to articles about the ‘new age’ father. A ‘new age’ father is one that does most work looking after the child of the family. Dad’s Army is an article from a popular magazine written by Damon Syson that shows evidence of these ‘new age’ fathers and his view that all ‘new age’ fathers should ” put down the papoose”.

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There is also one more difference within the structure and form of the articles. ‘Putting Fathers in the Frame’ uses hyphens to create a perfect column where the magazine article doesn’t, a word is too big it leads on the next line. The two articles do not only contain differences, they do contain a number of similarities.

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This can be compared with the magazine article ‘Dads Army’ in which the main bulk of the article is in fact the writer’s view, and uses a regular father. Overall the two articles have very conflicting views of the so-called ‘new age’ father and so have very different true content. So the varying views conflict yet share the same topic- fatherhood.

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