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1:- INTRODUCTION . Briggs & Mortar have commissioned Spencer Property to carry out a local survey for land in Withernsea, which could be used for their latest project. The inspection was carried out on 9th February 2004, by Mr Whiteley. Identify a suitable site for mixed-use development, including appropriate supporting local plan policies, whether they are site specific or general. Give appropriate design guidance, including policy guidance, good practice guidance, and on-the-ground observations. c. Assess the likely environmental impact of the development in preparation for the expected request for an Environmental Impact Assessment. 1.1:- Background . Withernsea is an urban centre serving the southeast of the borough, situated approximately 22 miles east of Hull and lying at the junction of the A1033 trunk road and the B1242 distributor road.

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The ideals for good urban design set down in Planning Policy Guidance Note 1 (PPG1) and the Urban Task Force Reports “Towards an Urban Renaissance” & “By Design” are ideals, which ERCC are readily embracing. Lack of wealth and investment in the past has manifested itself in a poor quality environment. Achieving good design in the built environment is a pivotal part of PPG 1:”Good design should be the aim of all those involved in the development process and should be encouraged everywhere. Applicants for planning permission should be able to demonstrate how they have taken account of the need for good design in their development proposals and that they have had regard to relevant development plan policies and supplementary design guidance. Local planning authorities should reject poor designs, particularly where their decisions are supported by clear plan policies or supplementary design guidance which has been subjected to public consultation and adopted by the local planning authority.”(7) . ‘Design first’ is the council’s strategy for achieving an attractive environment through good design and defines the means by which it intends to achieve this commitment to the community.

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1:- Local development plan – . 2:- Local development plan – . 3:-Planning Policy Guidance 1 – www.odpm_plan_source_608222 . 4:-Agenda 21 – . 5:- . 6:- Good design – www.odpm_plan_605957 . 7:- Planning Policy Guidance 1 – www.odpm_plan_source_608222 . 8:- Good design – www.odpm_plan_605957 .

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