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Plouhinec is a French commune located to the south-west of the Morbihan department in the Brittany region. It belongs to the canton of Pluvigner. The town is located between the ria d'Étel to the east for 17 km and the small sea of ​​Gâvres for 5 km to the west. To the south, the 8 km of beach overlooking the ocean are part of the largest dune cordon in Brittany which extends from the tip of Gâvres to the fort of Penthièvre in the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. Plouhinec is located 15 km from Lorient, 35 km from Vannes, capital of Morbihan, and 147 km from Rennes, capital of the Brittany region. You can access the Gâvres peninsula by road. The name of the locality is mentioned in its Latin form Plebs Ithinuc in the 6th century, in the forms Ploihinoc in 1073 ,, Ploezne in 1427, Ploeznec in 1464, Plouhinec in 1477, Pluhinec in 1536. . The name of the town is Pleheneg in Breton.

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The commune of Plouhinec is twinned with: . The evolution of the number of inhabitants is known through the population censuses carried out in the commune since 1793. From 2006 , the legal populations of the municipalities are published annually by INSEE. The census is now based on an annual collection of information, successively concerning all the municipal territories over a period of five years. For municipalities with less than 10,000 inhabitants, a census survey covering the entire population is carried out every five years, the legal populations of the intervening years being estimated by interpolation or extrapolation. For the municipality, the first comprehensive census falling under the new system was carried out in 2006. . In 2018, the municipality had 5,367 inhabitants, an increase of 1.44% compared to 2013 ( Morbihan: + 2.32%, France excluding Mayotte: + 2.36%). Between the ponds and the village, following the ridge that goes from Kerouzine to the ria d'Étel, within of the archaeological area of ​​Mané-Véchen, stood an alignment of menhirs measuring 1.40 meters. Another line of monuments was to the north of the village.

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It was then modified and blessed on December 15, 1895. The population named it “Pont du Bon Dieu” to ward off fate. Then in 1944, the bridge was destroyed by Allied bombardments intended to isolate the pocket of Lorient. As indicated by a commemorative plaque affixed to one of the bridge's porticoes, reconstruction work was carried out from 1954 to 1956. The inauguration took place on September 13, 1956. At the end of the 1990s, the structure has been restored. Between 1944 and 1956, the ferryman had resumed service to connect the two shores. Plouhinec has an artisanal zone which employs around 500 people and constitutes an important employment center for the region of Lorient and Auray.

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