Preservation and Conservation of Books

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Key Words – Library, preservation, conservation. Preservation and conservation of reading resources is central mission of the libraries. Now a days the wind of computerization and digitization blowing everywhere in the world. The libraries are also not behind to them. New emerging technologies such as computer and digitization are the boon For the preservation and conservation of traditional resources. So, I selected the topic on “preservation and conservation of books and non-books” in the four libraries which are old and situated in Mumbai reason for M. Phil. Degree (Awarded in 2009) But for writing this research paper I have chosen only “Asiatic society library, fort, Mumbai. Till today many libraries and reading resources destroyed.

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It is important business area with many banks and offices with hustle and bustle of traffic which creates full of dust particles. Such type of atmosphere is harmful to traditional as well as newly book resources. So, I decided to study the libraries which are situated in metropolitan city like Mumbai. Libraries are worked like genes. Genes transfer the human characters from one generation to next generation. Likewise libraries transfer information or knowledge from one generation to next generation with the help of reading resources like books and non book materials. It’s a need of time to save the reading resources and libraries. Question no 1, 2 and 3 are related to the general information of the library. 4 asked information about forms and types of reading resources available in the library.

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1) Chaudhary, S. K. : Library Preservation and conservation, APH pub. Corporation, New Delhi, 2011 . 2) Anant Gurav : Vishwa Granthalayache, Aarati prakashan, dombivali, 1998. . 3) Joshi Laxmanshastri : Marathi Vishwakosh (vol 5 & 13), Maharashtra Rajya Sahity Sanskrari Mandal, 1977 & 1987. . 4) Annual Report of The Asiatic Society of Mumbai and The Library of the Asiatic Society of Mumbai, 2006-07. & Pamphlet of Asiatic society library. 5) Mukharjee, B. B. : Preservations of Library Materials, Archives and documents, the world press pvt.

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