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In today's society water is like a survival kit in which it is one of the most important resources for the environment and people. Water resources can be used in the working environment, agricultural surroundings and in one's household. Humans also rely on water resources to drink and stay health because it is so pure and full of nutrition.

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As time passes people may use too much of the available amounts of water in which the change in the climate can decrease the fresh water supply (Dhar & Mazumdar, 2009). When the population becomes overpopulated the scarcity of water becomes an issue therefore water conservation may become a problem. The rapid growth of the population could leave a large amount in the water scarcity (Sawin, 2003).

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Society has to put a stop to these issues and prevent water loss from happening in the future. I believe that action plans should be enforced, strategies should be put to use, time management should be applied and issues should be solved. It may be impossible to pinpoint the issues that cause the loss of water resources; however there are many ways to prevent these issues from occurring with the help of global awareness on the importance of preserving water and avoiding the loss of the water resources.

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