The following hypotheses are (or hypothesis is) formulated for acceptance or rejection: . (use null hypothesis) . Scope and Limitation of the Study . Should include: . Focus/ areas/ scope to be assesses/ investigated/ determine/ analyze & where to conduct research 2.

...Middle of the PWU FORMAT FOR THESIS PROPOSAL Essay...

Participants of the Study . Include here the subject/ population of the study… you may copy this part from your scope and limitation. Instrumentation . Include here the type of data gathering tool or method you will use, how are you going to construct your questionnaire, source/s to use . or your reference for constructing your tool.


Do not use 1st person account such as I, you, me, our..Refer to yourself as the researcher. Do not use block style; 1st sentence for each paragraph must be indented. Appendix should include: . Sample Letter : a) Letter of Request to __________ (to request permission to conduct study) ;b) Letter to heads (nurse/ records section, etc..) if needed; c) Letter to Participants (for consent); d) Letter to Validators (if needed) 2. Sample questionnaire .

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