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Recovery energy or fatal energy is the amount of energy that is inevitably present or trapped in certain processes or products, which can sometimes be partially recovered or used. This energy can take different forms (heat, cold, gas, electricity) and is emitted by industrial processes, public service companies or waste in particular. This term also refers to the energy that would be lost if it were not used when it is available. This is the case, for example, with electricity from wind turbines, solar panels or run-of-river hydropower plants. Fatal energy can be contained in materials or processes.

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The methanization of organic waste can produce substantial quantities of methane. Reuse or recycling techniques, further upstream are other means, often even more efficient, to recover or use the fatal energy of objects at the end of their life for a longer time. Generating electricity, heating food, a house, sanitary water, among others, disperses calories, most of which will be lost without being useful. This type of waste can be reduced. In Quebec, the Energy Efficiency Fund is subsidizing the purchase of heat recovery systems for shower water to reduce the cost of heating (financial assistance of $ 400 to the 'purchase).

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Apart from household waste incineration plants (UIOM), in industry too, there is a lot of fatal heat. The iron and steel, chemical, cement, agro-food, computer server farms and glass sectors thus produce a large amount of heat which is often lost in the atmosphere. In Europe in order to stem this waste, European Directive 2012/27 / EU on energy efficiency makes a cost-benefit analysis compulsory for the recovery of waste heat through a district heating network project. In France, the industrial waste heat source was estimated by ADEME in 2017 at 109.5 TWh, or 36% of fuel consumption. Household Waste Incineration Units (UIOM), Pumping Energy Transfer Stations (STEP) and data centers have a fatal heat deposit estimated at 8.4 TWh.

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