Review of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations

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Review of Charles Dickens' Great Expectations . The Charles Dickens book Great Expectations is about a young boy . called Phillip Pirrip (Pip) who has a strange encounter with a convict . called Magwitch. As the story progresses Pip has some more encounters .

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to meet Pip but not well enough dressed to meet the queen for example. The language in these pieces is very descriptive and helps you to . understand what is happening in the story. kind, gentle, polite and treating Pip like a man for the first time in . "You acted noble, my boy," said he "Noble Pip and I have .

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"O Lord, be merciful to him, a sinner!" this shows that even because . Magwitch did wrong, Pip still loves him, as he had tried all of his . life trying to help Pip. Pip then gets sent into prison for being in .

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