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Reading selections for this module: . Edlund, John R. “Three Ways to Persuade.” Expository Reading and Writing Course: Semester One. Long Beach: CA State UP, 2008. Edlund, John R. “Letters to the Editor in Response to ‘A Change of Heart About Animals.’” Expository Reading and Writing Course: Semester One. Long Beach: CA State UP, 2008.

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What are some other passages that have an emotional effect? Rifkin calls his essay “A Change of Heart About Animals.” Does this imply that the scientific discoveries he summarizes here should change how we feel about animals? Does this piece affect you emotionally? Do you think Rifkin is trying to manipulate your emotions? Do your emotions conflict with your logical interpretation of the arguments?

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• The letter fails to make a clear point. • Grammatical and mechanical errors confuse and distract the reader. Evaluation Form . Based on the CSU English Placement Test (EPT) . Part I: Revising Checklist – Mark the appropriate categories.

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