Role of the media in American politics

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Since time immemorial, media and government have been on crisis though the two parties are mutually dependent in nature. The government cannot do without the media and similarly the media cannot do without the government (Blankson et al. Therefore, it is paramount for the government and media to work harmoniously to ensure that the rights of each party are considered. However, the media more especially in American politics have not exercised all the democratic rights and this have culminated in reduced in information to the public concerning the American politics. The American media is charged with the responsibility of informing the Americans on matters pertaining to the politicians and their ventures in and outside Washington DC.

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In such a case, the media was used to tarnish the name of a prospective president. Since the democratic rights, the media is not supposed to look at the private life of a candidate and later exposed it to the public. Therefore, the action of media in that particular time was not in line with the democratic principles. The political enemies can also use the same principles to ensure that their competitors have fallen hence referring that as a way of bringing down the competitors. The foundations of democracy are fairness and justice amongst all people and, therefore, using the same to bring down others in the name of democracy is not acceptable at all (Davis 78).

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Benjamin Franklin: an American life. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2003. The age of American unreason. New York: Pantheon Books, 2008. Source document .

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