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Emma Donoghue author of the book Room a national bestseller is a great book about a five year old boy Jack held captive in an 11-11 foot room with his Ma. This book is a story about the strong relationship between a five year old kid and his mom and the story about a boy and his curiosity level in the outside world. The story begins on Jack’s 5th birthday in “Room. ” To Jack Room is the world and he believes Room is all there is. Ma who is Jack’s mom had been locked in room for 7 years and has been in Room since she was 19. .

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Old Nick had caught Jack and a man named Ajeet had seen Jack hurt and bruised from him jumping off the truck had called the cops as Old Nick had fled the scene. When the cops had gotten to where Jack and Ajeet was Jack was questioned by the officer and the officer had a hard time understanding what Jack was trying to explain. The officer had enough information to figure out Ma was still trapped in Room. The police had found Room in the backyard of Old Nick’s house. Ma was so happy to see Jack again and find out that Jack had saved Ma from Room.

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Ma got up and continued to Room. When Jack had entered Room he had never realized how small it was and found it empty and not the same. He went to everything he once had and said good bye to everything he had. He said by to everything even Roof and had lastly said bye to Room and asked Ma to also say bye to Room. As Jack looks back at Room he sees it as a crater, a hole where something had happened.

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