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Sampling generally consists of reading the value of a physical quantity at regular intervals. The sampling rate is the number of samples per unit of time. If the unit of time is seconds, the sample rate is expressed in hertz and represents the number of samples used per second.

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You may need to represent a signal with a different sample rate than the original one. The simplest method to design is to reconstruct the analog signal before re-digitizing it at the new sample rate. It is preferable to avoid the analog switch, likely to bring background noise, and too dependent on the performance of converters, which are moreover expensive.

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When the sampled signal has more than one dimension, the calculation of relevant intermediates between two samples requires even more calculations, and we are sometimes forced to limit ourselves to duplicating or deleting a sample to obtain a flow at the right pace. This is the procedure for converting the CCIR video signal at 25 frames per second to an NTSC signal at 30 frames per second. The same can be done when it comes to synchronizing sources at the same nominal sampling frequency.

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