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Satire of The Grangerfords and Pap . In Mark Twain’s novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the Grangerfords and Pap are two of the characters who are used by Twain to condemn civilized society. Twain employs satire to express his belief that “civilized” society is neither moral, ethical, nor civilized.

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For Example, Mr. Grangerford tells Buck that he shouldn’t shoot from behind the bush but he should step out into the road to kill a Sheperdson. Also there is a sense of irony because why would such a civilized family be in a feud that they can’t remember the origin of. Another aspect of it is the Grangeford’s use of hypocrisy.

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Exaggeration, stereotyping, and irony are used throughout the story to satirize and to expose the Grangerfords as the typical southern aristocrats and pap as the typical drunken “white trash.”  From your thesis statement, your readers would expect to see one paragraph for the Grangerfords and then one paragraph for pap. Each paragraph would discuss exaggeration, stereotyping, and irony, in that order. That way you have exhausted your topic thoroughly and in an organized manner.

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