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In relation to the goal of Philippine political and economic development and social cohesiveness, there is a growing clamor to revisit and revive nationalism. In the Philippines, it has been recognized that the issue of nationalism is important in education. One of the goals of the Education Act of 1982 that serves as a guideline for elementary education, is to “promote and intensify the child’s knowledge of identification with, and love for the nation and the people to which he belongs” (Department of Education, 2002, p.2).

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Tuning, on the other hand, entails modification of existing schema when it is inadequate for the encountered new information/knowledge, while restructuring involves creating a new schema for situations wherein there is inconsistency between the new information/knowledge and the old schema. Accretion is parallel to Piaget’s assimilation while tuning and restructuring are similar to accommodation. McVee, Dunsmore & Gayelek (2005), in a review of schema theory, indicated that schema theory was particularly prominent in the 1970s especially on the role of schema in reading, adding that the focus shifted to sociocultural theories in the 80s and 90s. The authors further pointed out the importance of the schema theory, particularly its utility in understanding the individual’s prior knowledge and its role in comprehension and in understanding the reading process.

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The EKPACHBEC is a concise list of important people/institutions, events, places, and objects for each grade level up to high school. Adarna House also came out with 101 Filipino Icons Volumes 1 and 2 (2007, 2009). Virgilio Almario, National Artist for Literature, defined Filipino icons as events, objects, places, and people significant in Philippine history and valued by majority of Filipinos. He further stated that these icons can influence our pagka-Filipino and pride in being a Filipino. The paper “Findings, Theories and Methods in the Study of Children’s National Identifications and National Attitudes” (Barrett & Oppenheimer, 2011) .

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