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As a student in general, I have a strong work ethic and I am a very good listener, sometimes we make ourselves think that it is hard to practice the good skills we all have, but it really is not. We all have strengths and weaknesses, like I said before, one of my strengths is listening, that helps me succeed in my classes and it helps me get good grades. I am grateful I have it because, in each one of my classes, you have to be a good listener to understand what the teachers are trying to teach us.

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I chose this assignment as my best because I put all my effort into it. To me “BEST” means above the rest, superior, and excellent. It is a very entertaining story, it makes the reader want to read it and investigate about it even more, it is very emotional because the experience she went through was difficult at a young age. My paper that shows my least effort is “Culture Day Research”; I labeled this my “WORST” of the semester because I did not really research for this assignment, I did it in a hurry and at the last minute. I did not do a bibliography or citation.

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I am going to read more, and write more. My goals as an English student are to get better at reading and writing and first of all get better at speaking in front of people, because that is like my biggest fear. What worked for me this semester was writing a lot, because I feel that I have improved myself at writing, now I know I got better at writing essays, and also reading worked for me. The study sheets we got for every book we read helped me a lot because it made me analyze the readings. I think your focus for this following semester should be our grammar skills, because most of the English students I know are not good with grammar, and by saying this I am mainly speaking for myself.

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