...Start of the Self-evaluation ...

To be honest, my level of effort on my essays this semester so far has been not so great than what I wanted it to be, even though I truly know that the writing is a practical skill which close related with my future life. Previously, I have been trapped by fear emotion of writing and even become lazy to think about how to write a great essay. Beyond that, I have found myself need to taking more risks and challenging my prior writing style. Therefore as this semester has begun, I felt confused, frustrated and worried about not living up to my expectations, especially when I met the writing blocks. However, at the end of this course, if anything I have learned in ESL class helped me in life, I guess I would say yes.

...Middle of the Self-evaluation ...

Nevertheless, I have attempted to narrow down my topic and focus on the one thing, trying to not shift on what the priorities are. Before I recognize my own shortcoming, there have many part of content are nonsense and the clutter need to be cut. “Clutter is the disease of American writing ”says William Zinsser in his classic text on writing well. There is a misconception that we would be helpful that the use of extravagant diction and lots of adjectives or note down all the details could add weight to our empty rhetoric. Instead, which may be just the other way round.

...End of the Self-evaluation ...

Compared to the first assignment in this semester, I think I have made progress through this course, either writing attitude or writing skills. Above all, the writing tasks of five essays and research paper during this semester allowed me to generate strategies to my writing skills. Critiquing my own work and the benefit I have obtained has given me insight into how my writing is progressing in this course and makes me found my shortcoming I had missed previously. In my view, the self-evaluation is a helpful tool, which can measure how much effort I have made and to learned which aspect I need to improve upon. I believe that evaluate myself will have a better understanding of my strengths and weakness in the future study, not only just in this course.

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