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(You Will) Set the World on Fire is a song by David Bowie released in 2013 on the album The Next Day. Forty-two years after Song for Bob Dylan she once again pays homage to the American folk singer in a painting of the Greenwich Village of her early days and in a hard rock style from the 1980s. In the bombastic rock style from the mid-1980s (drumming, reverb effects, hard rock riff), the song deals with the folk scene of the 1960s.

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But the central character is above all Bob Dylan, and the text seems to close the book opened by Bowie on the album Hunky Dory in 1971 with the song Song for Bob Dylan. The three words he chooses to sum up the song, as he did for the other tracks on The Next Day, are manipulate, origin, text ("manipulate, origin and text"), confirming Chris O's interpretation. 'Leary who sees in it "an accomplished thief and an archi-manipulator who pays homage to another".

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The instruments are taken on July 25, 2012, followed by overdubs and the recording of Bowie's voice on the following September 27. . For Nicholas Pegg, the fervor in Bowie's voice and Earl Slick's deafening guitar solo make the song gripping. Jérôme Soligny too, believes that Earl Slick "holds the house".

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