Sexualization of Girls in Advertisements Essay

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In April 21, 2005, a movie that mirrors what was going on in our society today in regards to racism and stereotyping was released. That interesting movie, to say the least, have moved, shocked and stricken the soul of its viewers by the amazing twists and turns of the story. The acclaimed movie has also received rave reviews from average viewers. Roger Ebert even called it the best movie of 2005 (Ebert, In Defense). That movie was Paul Haggis Oscar-winning Crash, which screenplay was written by Bobby Moresco and Haggis himself. Needless to say, Crash is about the collision of cars, it actually begins and ends with a car crash. But the notion of Crash in the film has a much broader meaning. It is more than just the collision of cars; it is also the interpersonal collisions between people from different ethnic groups, classes, ideologies, and even gender and age groups.

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But he was sent out by the Caucasian clerk who was prejudiced against Arabs. The clerk thought that he is an Arab based on his appearance and his language, Farsi, which sounds a lot like Arabic. The clerk even called him “Osama”, who was known to be the founder of Al Qaeda terrorist group that is responsible for the September 11 attacks in the United States that have killed thousands of Americans. This scene has clearly shown that people are paranoid of other groups. They treat strangers as potential enemies or combatants (Brusette). Addressing the assumptions that has been one of the issues presented in the movie, Ebert states, “One thing that happens again and again [in the film], is that people’s assumptions prevent them from seeing the actual person standing before them” (Ebert, Crash Movie Review). An example scenario from the film is when Jean made an assumption that Daniel, the Latino locksmith, was a gang member and would be back with his “homies” to attack them based on his appearance—shaved head, pants around his ass, and those what she called the “prison tattoos”—which we found out later on was not true; he is just a simple struggling family man. This illustrates that people make an assumption and prejudgment on other people without trying to know who they really are. The reason is because people believe that they already know other people based only on their preconceived conclusions on them.

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