Should College Athletes Get Paid?

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Have you ever wondered about being a college athlete and getting paid? I have never wondered about this because college athletes should not paid for playing sports. I understand that some people believe that college athletes should get paid because it more money for them to depend on while there in college. College athletes shouldn’t get paid for playing sports because it would be unfair to other students if the college paid athletes to play college sports. Most college athletes receives scholarships.

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The scholarships awarded to outstanding student athletes are valuable in countless ways. Without them, many would not be able to pursue their academic or athletic goals. The individuals who receive these scholarships are exceptionally talented and work very hard to earn the money awarded to them. Despite this, the fact still remains many student athletes have everything provided for them in college, giving them a distinct advantage over their peers. The experience of playing on a college team itself is valuable, working much like an unpaid internship for other students.

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Larger schools with more revenue such like University of Texas would essentially be able to buy out the best players for their teams, putting smaller universities at a greater disadvantage. College sports and the athletes who participate in them should not be centered on money. Athletes should focus on their passion for whatever sport they play, and be grateful they can receive the aid they do. If universities started paying college athletes, it would be grossly unfair to the peers who work hard just to make ends meet. Student athletes who are already awarded scholarship money to attend college should not be paid any additional amount on the side.

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