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India is a multilingual and a multicultural country. The culture changes from State to State, the language is different from one state to another and the people have many modes of dress. In diversity we find unity. This is the peculiar nature of India. Just because there are people belonging to various religions, there are various kinds of festivals, each denoting the religious faith of the wide variety of people.

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The Buddhists celebrate the Buddha Poornima, the day of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. The Muslims fast during the Raman month. They celebrate Milady Nab, Barked and Muharram. All the festivals of India have a great significance. Diwali, a religious hindu festival .

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Therefore, we should not feel ourselves superior to others. Regarding culture, there are a number of differences in eating habits, dress up and daily life. Bangladeshi people are fond of rice, vegetables and fish basically. However, Hindu people are fond of chapatti (a form of bread) and sweet dishes; Christians like wine a lot and they eat bread and drink wine to remember Jesus, this is called- Communion. Muslim ladies wear saree or salwar kameez mainly, and at times they wear a veil (knowh as nakab) to cover their faces.

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