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India is a multilingual and a multicultural country. The culture changes from State to State, the language is different from one state to another and the people have many modes of dress. In diversity we find unity. This is the peculiar nature of India. Just because there are people belonging to various religions, there are various kinds of festivals, each denoting the religious faith of the wide variety of people. The amazing varieties of religious faiths which co-exist in the Indian sub-continent have given rise to multi religious festivals. What a variety, what a variety and yet what a wonderful unity! Despite the occasional violent incidents arising out of the superiority complex of some people belonging to a higher caste the underlying fabric of unity is still strong.

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The Parsees celebrate Navroz. The Jains celebrate Mahavir Jayanti. The Buddhists celebrate the Buddha Poornima, the day of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. The Muslims fast during the Raman month. They celebrate Milady Nab, Barked and Muharram. All the festivals of India have a great significance. Diwali, a religious hindu festival . Diwali as millions of people in India know it; is one of the main religious festival’s that take’s place in the Hindu calendar in India. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year and is celebrated with great enthusiasm for over a period of 5 days(In some places in India) by people of Hindu religion all over India.

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The student felt that religion is indeed a major cause for unrest around the world. The opinion of the Muslim lady and the Christian student matched as they said that to keep peace intact, we should not criticize other religions and not say anything offensive about them. Everyone has their own belief and they are right on their positions. Therefore, we should not feel ourselves superior to others. Regarding culture, there are a number of differences in eating habits, dress up and daily life. Bangladeshi people are fond of rice, vegetables and fish basically. However, Hindu people are fond of chapatti (a form of bread) and sweet dishes; Christians like wine a lot and they eat bread and drink wine to remember Jesus, this is called- Communion. Muslim ladies wear saree or salwar kameez mainly, and at times they wear a veil (knowh as nakab) to cover their faces.

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