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Malaysia is a nation of diversity in unity where Malays, Chinese, Indians and the indigenious people of Sabah and Sarawak live in caring cultural harmony. Once you have overcome your jet-lag fatigue, step into the real heart of Malaysia-the citizens of the country. You would be pleasantly surprised at the warmth of Malaysians. For deeply entrenched within each of the different race is the engaging charm and traditional hospitality which the country is renowned for. Malaysians enjoy meeting people from other lands.

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Christian Festival . There are two main festivals which are observed by all Christians. The first is Christmas, i.e. the bisthday of Jesus Christ, which is a public holiday throughout the country and is marked by the traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, a family occasion.On Christmas day (25 December) itself the devout go to church and after that it is open house. The traditional Christmas is marked by the exchange version of an old tradition), carol singing and Christmas trees.

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The sarim is still popular with the women. It is a piece of material six yards long warn draped around the body. Food – Indian food is hot and spicy.The Indians have as their staple diet either rice or bread (capati, parratta, puri) which they eat with varios curries. Hindus do not eat beef. This is in accordance with their religious beliefs.

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