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Introduction . In any nation or country, waste management is always part of their equation to maintain their balance, not just environmentally but economically. The Philippines is a country of 85 million people and encompasses 7,107 islands, though only about 2,000 islands are currently inhabited. The Philippines has a total area of 30 million hectares, which is roughly 90% the total area of the nearby country, Malaysia. The Archipelago stretches more than 1,800 kilometers (km) north to south and 1,100 km east to west, and is located between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea. With a rapidly growing population and lack of adequate disposal sites, solid waste has become a major problem for most medium to large-size cities. When Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo took office in January, 2001, the first act she signed into law dealt with solid waste management. In recent years, inadequate solid waste management systems have posed serious health risks particularly in densely populated areas.

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The result of this study will give them insights on the most frequent situations seen in their unit. The study will also provide them with possible programs that will help them cope with the situations and have a better understanding of it. Barangay Officials. This study will provide sufficient data to solve the problems of the implementation of the program. This study will give them appreciation and full understanding of the policies, regulations and over-all implementation of waste management program. Future Researchers. This study will serve as reference in conduct of a similar study or research in the future. Conceptual Paradigm . This Study will use the Input-Process-Output (IPO) model or the Systems Approach.

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According to a Study on the Overview of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia, there are six elements of SWM: the generation, storage, collection, transportation and transfer, processing and treatment, and the disposal. In changes given during their current system of waste management, their current landfill is approximately 95%. In their given change for a targeted date of 2020, the statistics will change to a 65% landfill, making the 35% for recycling and intermediate processing. Research Method . This segment discusses the research method and techniques and the instrument to be used in gathering to be used in gathering data. The descriptive method of research will be used in gathering data in as much as the nature of the study is such that it aims to describe existing condition tackled. This method is being used because it describes the present status or prevailing condition obtaining in the research venue. Specifically, survey will be conducted which the questionnaire as the primary instrument.

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