Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing

...Start of the Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing...

As the technology advanced, people have changed the way of how they write. Haimran Julka, an article writer of The Economic Times mentions that there are about 245 million of Internet users in US. The number of Internet users is growing at an extraordinary pace. It can somewhat show how much the people like to write on the social media. The new generation is given much more opportunities than the old generation to write by social media.

...Middle of the Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing...

However, have you ever chosen the wrong word for your essay? Here is an example from “Does Digital Media Makes Us Bad Writers?”,” ‘I feel so necrotic,’ writes a college student. Well maybe he does have a bad case of dead tissue. What’s more likely is that he means “neurotic,” but his spelling checker insists on necrotic, so what’s a student to do?” (Karp). Suppose you are now in a similar situation, are you going to trust your spelling checker or are you going to believe in yourself?

...End of the Technology: Killing Our Ability Of Writing...

My writing skill doesn’t only affect the score of my English classes. It also reflects my image, communication skill and credibility and it can make negative impacts on my future career. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t write on the social media anymore. While we are writing on the social media, we should also keep an eye on how the social media affects our writing skill. We should not allow the social media makes us become unskilled writers and harms our future life.

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