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Introduction . When testing a preferred writer there are things that should be taken in to consideration before one is assigned to do the job. Lack of these crucial considerations may cause a great problem that may lead to negative consequences. You should be sure everything is taken into consideration to be absolutely sure that he/she can write from their own thinking or perspective without plagiarism, which is among the high penalized crime in writing field. The expected outcome may be determined by the interviewing skills that will be used to gauge the quality of the writer you hire for the writing job.

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For example, someone from Australia will have difficulties in pronouncing English words the way American do. A word like day- /dei:/ in Australian might be pronounced as die-/dae/ which in the use will give a different impression from what an Australian had in mind. Reading skill . Reading is a process where by one looks at and understands what has been written. Reading and understanding are two important aspects of the process as they help to fulfill the purpose of writing which is to pass a certain message.

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People will be able to exchange ideas and in terms of business, we will have writers getting employed to write to those cannot hear. Writing is the most common way of storing information. This is a call for perfect writers to promote writing for leisure, for education, for knowledge, as a way of storing information, and for many other purposes. Academic communication, . University Resource book .

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