The Character of Eustacia Vye in the Return of the Native by Thomas Hardy

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The nature of Eustacia Vye when Thomas Hardy returned to his home country based on this commentary is the analysis of Hardy's introduction to Eustacia Vye. In "Hometown of returning home", I first met Eustacia Vye's role in this chapter. In this chapter, Hardy gave us a detailed explanation of that role, for example, we learned that she is "the original substance of God".

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She blames fate, God or hostile universe, her delusions and destruction eventually leads to her misfortuneThe approach to explain Hardy's wastage makes it possible to think of it as several different things with several different roles For example, the wasteland is Eustacia Vye's prison, or Eustacia's husband Clym Yeobright, A group of people, they are becoming simple people by wasteland, he can educate them.

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In addition, Egden Heath itself is the oldest character itself. In return, Eustace dislikes Heath and wants to remove it; Krem wants to change it; Tomasin and Vienna are loyal to this; but for Mrs. She likes it I do not dislike it. She seems to be a resident

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Egden Heath is the source of darkness and primitive power, and from the dawn of history, huge unconfined wildlife has not changed.And the narrator will explain it differently at different times according to the point of view of the character in question.There is no longer a need to worry about people who have problems, but humans are concerned about the plight of ants on the hills of ants in the wilderness.In addition, Egden Heath itself is the oldest character itself.The local return is a novel written by Thomas Hardy issued in 1878.

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This is Hardy who would always know and love the world of Wessex as nothing else; it presents for him the seemliness of an ordered existence, of all that is natural, rooted and tried; this is a Wessex where survives the memory of a life in which nature and society are at peace, where the past can be seen as embodying the sameness and continuity, the unifying rhymes, of a human existence that extends beneath or beyond the agitation of the historical process; and where “Nature” is not just background but a character, an “animate pressure”, “the source and repository of all energies that control human existence”.Hardy filled his mind with Darwinian thought—-“a sense of Nature’s ‘passioned plans for bloom and beauty marred'” .9In his “Novels...

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