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The age of was written the great Gatsby maybe influence in how a person watched a friendship. In this book is very hard find a specific issue about friendship, but it could be interpreted as well. Everything in this book is related with money and materialism. So maybe anything in this book is real. Furthermore, Nick at the beginning of the book says that “I’m inclined to reserve all judgments…” (Fitzgerald 1925:2) But he always thought about people personalities in a reserved way. On the other hand, he lied to Daisy about Tom´s affaire and at the same time lied about Jay Gatsby wealthy. That is the reason, Nick in depth is considering a cynic and liar men. But made an analysis regarding to the friendship between both, you can recognized a close relationship between Nick Carraway with his neighboring Jay Gatsby.

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On the other hand you can mention the close relationship between Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granados. This friendship is very different from the previous one. Beginning with both had the same feeling of friendship not only focusing on their but also focusing in the other ones. The first step to say that it was a truly friendship is when Ernesto was a flu and Alberto Helped him to be better. “My quinine tablets… (Generally) bizarre colors shifted shapelessly across the . Wall and some desperate heaving produced a green vomit. I spent whole day . Like this, unable to eat… I was sleeping on Alberto´s shoulder… there we . Visited Dr. Barrera” (Guevara 2003: 40-41) .

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As a conclusion the friendship between Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway is a questionable one and full of doubt. “He had seen me several times and had intended to call . On me long before but a peculiar combination of circumstances had . Prevented it signed Jay Gatsby.” (Fitzgerald 45-46) . On the other hand, I can say that is important mention that Ernesto Guevara and Alberto Granados were closer friends, the second one went with him to a journey around Latin America and this especial travel changed this mind and the view of the world. I am able to say that if some of the friend act in a wrong way the friendship never will the same. Yet, Nick is compared with Alberto because the first one to me was very strange. In comparison with Nick and Jay, Ernesto and Alberto always talked with truth and never was a self interest friendship as Nick and Jay Gatsby were.

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