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The purpose of this research is to examine the school effectiveness and improvement practices in excellent schools in Malaysia and Brunei. Questionnaires based on the content of effective school model were distributed to the sample of 271 teachers from excellent schools in both countries in order to study on the practices of school effectiveness and improvement in their schools. This study will contribute to the existing body of knowledge on school effectiveness and improvement practices particularly experienced by Malaysia and Brunei. It also will benefit the school effectiveness practitioners in developing countries through academically systematic research findings. Keywords: School Effectiveness; School improvement; Practices; Malaysia; Brunei .

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A pilot test was conducted in an excellent school in Peninsular Malaysia to determine the reliability of the instrument. Reliability was determined by reliability coefficient, Cronbach alpha. Cronbach alpha values for each item in this questionnaire is between 0.90-0.96. Validity of the instrument was obtained through assessment by two experts in the field of study. Read phonetically .

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Therefore, the role of school development program need to be upgraded actively in enhancing the knowledge and skills of school staff. As a conclusion, this study has found that excellent schools in Malaysia and Brunei have adopted the effective school practices based on school effectiveness and improvement approaches. However, excellent schools in Malaysia have better implementation of these practices at very often level compared to the excellent schools in Brunei. Furthermore, the effectiveness of such practices in the two countries not only due to the factor of the principals, but other contributing factors such as the conducive school environment, focused on teaching and learning, continues assessment, high expectation, collaboration between home and school and the school as learning organizational.

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