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Based on my research about the current Philippine Environmental Laws, I found out that it has two parts; first is the Presidential Decree no. 1586 or the Environmental Impact System which states that no projects shall be implemented without an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC).In order for the government to find out if they are to issue an Environmental Compliance Certificate, an assessment should be done regarding the proposed project’s impact on the environment. An Environmental Impact Assessment is defined as a procedure in order to find out and predict the impact of proposed projects to the country’s environment and to men’s well being and health. This assessment is important in order for us to find out the resource allocation for the said project and determine the costs associated with environmental conservation. Once the Environmental Impact System has been approved an Environmental Compliance Certificate may now be given to the person in charge of the project and he may now proceed with the implementation of his project. The certificate is very important to have because it contains the terms and conditions that the person imposing the project should comply with. Failure to follow the conditions in the certificate may result to its suspension or cancellation, the person behind the project may be subjected to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand pesos (50,000Php).

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How can hotel and tourism businesses help improve the current environmental situation? We are currently facing a lot of environmental issues in our country, from soil erosions, flashfloods, disappearing water sources, and air pollution to improper garbage disposal, illegal logging, and food poisoning caused by chemical wastes. These are just some of the many problems our country is facing today, as students and future employees to the industry of Hospitality and Tourism we can help in facing the current environmental issues by implementing certain protocols and policies in our work place. Installing water meters in every department (if possible) for example, is a good way to monitor the establishment’s water consumption, by doing so we can determine the monthly water consumption and cost of our workplace, if we are aware of this we’ll know what department consumes too much water and necessary action will be taken immediately. Water saving devices like flow regulators, water flow sensors, and low flush toilets are just some of the things we can put in our comfort rooms and kitchens to make sure that wasting water is at a minimal, and if observed thoroughly, no wastage at all. Leaks because of poor plumbing is also a cause of water wastage in a lot of homes and buildings, we must regularly maintain plumbing fixtures to make sure that no leaks will come up.

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