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Educators of Broward County must follow the standards of ISTE in order to provide their students with the best integration of technology possible. There are also standards that teachers must follow in order to keep students engaged in lessons, and to improve the learning environment for students (Innovative Learning, 2016). Broward County requires teachers follow five performance indicators.

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In the next indicator, design and develop digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessment, with this indicator teachers are required to plan, create, develop and assess the learning experiences and assessments using tools and different sources in order to have the biggest impact on the content and learning of the content (ISTE, 2016). This is completed through adapting learning experiences to different sources, also making adjustments to meet the different learning needs of students and ... . ... middle of paper ... .

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Another lifelong skill teachers must master is being able to support student’s success (Atomic Learning, 2016). By doing this they are helping students prepare for life by building the skills they need in order to be successful. Some skills one might instill in students are ways to prevent plagiarism, and how to be an avid writer.

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