The Great Gatsby

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You will receive two separate grades for the following assignments: A double-entry journal . A rhetorical analysis . (Rubrics are on the last page) . Double-Entry Journal: . The purpose of this activity is for you to be an active reader and thinker during your reading of the text; it is not formal writing.

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Explain why these details seem unlikely to you and be sure to comment on what you think this says about Gatsby’s character. How might this also be connected to his behavior at his own parties from the previous chapter? (2-3 total passages and responses) . Select and note in your journal two or more passages that you feel best capture the overall mood of this chapter. Be certain to discuss how Fitzgerald creates that particular mood in your commentary.

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Rhetorical Analysis: . Choose one to two pages from the novel on which to focus for a rhetorical analysis. Note the chapter and page numbers. In a bulleted list, identify SOAPSTone for the chosen passage. Then, in a detailed paragraph, discuss how the author uses one rhetorical device to achieve his purpose in this passage.

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See also Bewley, p. 241; and Ernest H. Lockridge, Introduction, Twentieth Century Interpretations of “The Great Gatsby”: A Collection of Critical Essays, ed. Robert Emmet Long, The Achieving of “The Great Gatsby”: F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1920-25 (Lewisburg, Pa., 1979), p. 145; Barry Gross, “Our Gatsby, Our Nick,” The Centennial Review 14 (1970): 334-36...

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Anaphora underlines how he remains an outsider at his own function, Nick asserting that ‘no one swooned backward on Gatsby, and no French bob touched Gatsby’s shoulder, and no singing quartets were formed with Gatsby’s head for one link.’ Antithesis also contrasts Gatsby from the company he entertains; while ‘no one swooned backward on Gatsby’, girl...

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Fitzgerald frequently depicts the isolation of characters in ‘The Great Gatsby’ with use of various reoccurring symbols. Ross Posnock argues that the characters in ‘The Great Gatsby’ are so obsessed with material wealth they treat each other like objects and this could leave many people feeling objectified and therefore ostracised by those who claim...

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Nick then goes on to talk about how the dream that Gatsby strove for was fake and an illusion. The passage is Nick’s thoughts on Gatsby and the future.

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