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How did beer lead to the development of cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt? Grains grew widespread in the Fertile Crescent (The crescent shaped area which had an ideal climate and soil for growing plants and raising livestock, it stretches from Egypt, up the Mediterranean coast to Turkey, and then down again to the border between Iraq and Iran. ) causing the unintentional discovery of beer. The Fertile Crescent’s extremely rich soil was suitable for the growth of cereal grains after the last ice age, which occurred around 10,000 BCE. Hunter-gatherers were drawn to the cereal grains and, the ability to keep the grains for long periods of time stimulated them to stay.

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Bethany McDaniel AP World History Summer 2012 Assignment Chapter 7&8 Question 2 Describe the role of coffee houses in society in Europe. Coffeehouses, unlike the illicit taverns that sold alcohol, were places where respectable people could afford to be seen. Some authorities didn’t approve of coffee houses, they said that were, “hotbeds of gossip, rumor, political debate and satirical discussion. They were popular venues for chess and backgammon, which were regarded as morally dubious. Although coffeehouses were originally accepted as meeting places and sources of news, they were soon banned by Muslin scholars.

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Describe morality in the Islamic World. The Islamic people were restrained by law from drinking alcohol- and coffee for a period of time- because it was considered immoral according to the Torah. Tom Standage offers his opinion for the next era’s defining drink- water. With supreme wealth, technology, and resources at our generation’s fingertips, more effort must be devoted for all mankind to have clean drinking water. It’s an amazing disproportion when millions of Westerners are fanatical about bottled water when there are hundreds of millions around the world who must walk more than 10 miles to get clean drinking water (if it is available at all).

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The History of the World in Six Glasses Essay

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